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Climate NOW - What, Why, and When?

Hi! Welcome to Climate NOW. My name is Sarah and I am the president and founder of Climate NOW. Climate NOW is a monthly group that meets to discuss climate change and plan actions to take in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I started Climate NOW because I saw a need for climate change education for Youth in my community. As an environmental activist I feel that the most important way to impact the climate crisis is through educating youth. Youth have a somewhat undisturbed passion that can not be swayed by fame, work, or money. Because of this pure passion we have seen youth rising up and leading this climate movement. But as a friend of many of these main leaders like activist Alexandria Villasenor, I know that this passion did not start until the spark inside them was ignited. For Alexandria and I this fire was ignited by education. It was not until I was in 6th grade that I became aware of climate change. This awareness changed my life in so many important way. It lead me to discover my passion for activism. And this passion for activism has helped me gain more confidence, friends, happiness, and made me more content with my life. I wish I was introduced to climate change earlier in my life, so I could have begun taking action sooner!

This is where Climate NOW comes in! Climate NOW is my hope for a better future and my try at bringing awareness to climate change education. My hope for Climate NOW is to create a group of supportive, passionate kids that inspire others too make change and through group actions are able to start a global conversation about the climate crisis.

With that I would like to thank you for your time and encourage you to help me spread the word about Climate NOW by joining us for our monthly meetings or sharing our message with friends and family.

Our next meeting is June 29th, 2019! For more information visit the schedule page on our website. Hope to see you there:)



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