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"Divestment is the opposite of an investment. It is when a person or organization gets rid of/sells off stocks, bonds, or investment funds that are unethical or morally harmful.

When you invest, you generally buy stocks, bonds, or other investments that are meant to generate financial returns. It is not just individuals who invest in stocks and bonds; universities, colleges, religious organizations, retirement funds, pension funds, and other institutions invest as well to maintain a large amount of funding while also continuing to gain profit from the investment itself. Fossil fuel investments are a risk for both investors and the planet, so we’re calling on individuals and institutions to divest from these companies." - Earth Guardians


Most CA teachers and students don’t know that CalSTRS (California State Teachers' Retirement System) has $6 BILLION invested in destructive fossil fuels. Since Spring 2019, Earth Guardians Bay Area Crew and Youth vs Apocalypse have joined active and retired teachers with Fossil Free California in attending CalSTRS board meetings to demand $6 billion of the teachers’ pension fund be divested from fossil fuels. Most teachers don’t know that these investments exist and that they are actually losing their retirement fund money, on top of destroying our future. The CalSTRS board has refused to include any of their testimonies in the public record, regardless of parental permission, so teachers don’t learn about these investments. They need all students and all our teachers to help demand that CalSTRS stop rewarding fossil fuel companies and actually support frontline solutions.

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From public universities to community colleges, students around the world are working to divest their college/university from harmful fossil fuels. 

Tools/Resources for college divestment:

Toolkit from Oxford Climate Justice Campaign documenting their experience in campaigning for Oxford to divest from the fossil fuel industry: 

College Divestment Guide from detailing a step by step guide for your campaign:

Check out this website by Divest Barnard and Divest Harvard where you can learn about their campaign and get inspiration for your own:,


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