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Climate NOW Clubs

Climate NOW Clubs is a Climate NOW program based in Marin County Schools. Climate NOW Clubs are a collection of clubs from Schools around Marin County working together to increase climate awareness and action in the community. 

To start a Climate NOW club at your school email sarahgoody@climatenow.solutions

Redwood High School

Email: sarahgoodyemail@gmail.com


Climate NOW Clubs are an easy and effective way to take climate action at your School!

Climate NOW provides all resources for weekly club meetings including slideshows, activities, guides, mentorship, and more! Club Resources are created for teenagers by teenagers! Our materials are based on climate education and how to take climate action at school. Climate NOW staff members work with Club Boards to tailor resources to the school's needs. 

Requirments to start a climate NOW Club:

1. Have an appointed board with a president or co-presidents

2. Must commit to following Climate NOW's principles

3. Must commit to using resources provided by Climate NOW

4. Must commit to communicating with Climate NOW staff regarding clubs success

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