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About Climate NOW

Climate Now is a youth-led organization striving to ensure a sustainable planet for our future. Climate Now is focused on the education and empowerment of youth, in order to combat the climate crisis. Climate NOW empowers youth climate activists through educational programs and events held in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Sarah Goody is a high school student from Marin County, California. She is passionate about raising awareness of climate change and empowering youth to act for their future. She is also a vegan and believes it is important to educate others about the relationship between animal exploitation and climate change.

Goody has worked with several environmental organizations, including working as the Youth Council Liason at the non-profit Greening Forward, as well as the San Francisco Coordinator for Earth Uprising. She striked for the climate crisis in front of the San Francisco Ferry Building for 19 weeks after joining youth activist Alexandria Villaseñor in striking at the New York United Nations.

Sarah Goody

Founder and President

Janin Griebel is a high school student from Benicia. She began working with Climate NOW in October 2019 as our Social Media Strategist.


Janin is a part-time vegan and lives a low waste life. She works with Zero Hour organization founded by Jamie Margolin as a climate ambassador and is very passionate about spreading awareness and creating a diverse movement for climate change. Janin is a filmmaker and graphic designer and has made multiple films about the climate movement.

Janin Griebel

Social Media Strategist

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Board of Advisors

Charles Orgbon III (he/him) is a Consultant within Deloitte’s Risk & Financial Advisory Services, where he specializes in sustainability risk services and environmental liability. Charles develops enterprise solutions for his Fortune 500 and public sector clients that improve business processes, maximize revenue, manage costs, address risks, strengthen relationships, and boost performance while also mitigating social and environmental impacts.

Before joining Deloitte, Charles gained almost a decade of non-profit management and leadership experience with various environmental, philanthropy and youth volunteerism organizations. For example, Charles developed and led Greening Forward from 2008 to 2017, which became and continues to be a leading organization in the United States that’s devoted to training and funding student environmental leaders, ages 5-25. Leveraging this experience, Charles also served as a strategy consultant for numerous government agencies, foundations, and non-profits.

Charles’s work in the sustainability and non-profit leadership space is validated by over 31 local, national, and international awards, five book mentions, and over 100 speaking engagements since 2010.

Moreover, Charles is currently writing a young adult memoir, MY NAME ISN'T CHARLIE, about his intersectional identity as a queer, Black man. Follow his writing journal at charlesorgbon.com.


Charles Orgbon

Fabrice is a multimedia innovator and social entrepreneur. He has led a wide range of projects in education, news, and entertainment. He created popular games and digital media services at Apple and Macromedia — and developed collaborative software for online communities at Wikipedia.  Fabrice also ran a TV production studio, a game development shop and a social news network, whose products and services have touched the lives of hundreds of millions around the world. Fabrice is now ‘semi-retired’, devoting his time to causes that can contribute to social change. Fabrice created Green Change, a nonprofit coalition of concerned citizens, environmentalists, media professionals and community organizers committed to climate action in Marin County. (Greenchange.net)

Green Change

Fabrice Florin

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